Our Story

As new parents, it is important that our child eats, plays and explores safely. So we spent a lot of time searching for suitable products, but were often presented with limited options or products with hefty price tags. Many a time, the decision came down to sacrificing certain qualities due to price considerations. 

We want to change that and albie was formed as an alternative. 

We believe that all parents should have access to practical, fun and beautiful products that are affordable. We make the decision-making process easier, so you can spend more time exploring the world with your little one. 

We also believe that our products should be safe, not just for our little ones but for our environment too. In 2015, global plastic waste volume reached around 6.3 billion metric tons. This figure is expected to increase to 12 billion metric tons by 2050. At albie, we take small steps in reducing plastic waste by working with environmentally friendly materials that are also safe for your little ones. Our packaging is kept to a minimal and with eco-friendly materials where possible. And we will continually explore ways to reduce our harmful impacts on our environment without compromising on our quality.

Come explore with us, one baby step at a time.